Sisters and Brothers of United Anarchists!

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Sisters and Brothers of United Anarchists!

Beitrag  Admin am Mo Apr 27, 2009 5:48 pm

The fight of Anarchy against SS-Satanism is getting more successful and I am very sure that we will win if we can get enough support by all of You!

I am sure that we Grman Anarchists ware getting some support of ou, not at last from our Sister and Brothers in the U.S.A. More than 1.200 visits from USA in this April 2009 on are a proof that Anarchists in the USA do know what we are fighting for in Germany!

Our messages could be spread more and more in the last weeks in internet, and if You don´t know anything about our messages You should have a look at:

The latter is used for daily messages in American/English an we German Anarchists would be very glad to welcome You there daily!

Let us fight together for a world of true justice, true reason and true peace an neither nationalities nor races nor abilities shall divide mankind anymore!

By the name of German Anarchists

Winfried Sobottka


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